Monday, 12 July 2010

Back in the USA!

Did anyone else's stomach look like this a week after surgery? Frightening, right?

On another note...

I'm finally back in New York! Thank goodness! I have never been so happy to be in the United States. I did a lot of research and preparation leading up to the decision to have surgery in Belgium, but I didn't think through the fact that I would be on liquids and mushies in the UK. Without a blender. Also without food that I find consistently edible. Bad plan. Upside? I lost 11 lbs in 2 weeks! (I don't have a scale in our temporary apt. in NY, so I weighed myself in the scale aisle of Bed Bath and Beyond yesterday while my husband stood guard.) I realize some of this is only temporary loss because I've been subsisting on juice for weeks. I am now 189 lbs and 16lbs down from my highest EVER weight!

I feel really great. My doctor has a pretty liberal eating plan following surgery, so I'm already on soft foods. Last night I had a quarter of a chicken quesadilla and it was fantastic. I'm fitting better in all my clothes and already feeling so much better about myself. We have four weeks left in New York and I hope to make the most of it and do my best to refrain from falling victim to bandster hell. I'm not entirely sure that it's avoidable, but I'll try!

Thank you all so much for your support! It got pretty difficult not knowing anyone in the UK while I was recovering, but I feel like there is such an encouraging community here. I recently went through and read a number of your blogs immediately post-op and I love seeing where everyone was then compared to where there are now. I can't wait to get there!


  1. Everyone looks different post surgery (one incision...). It won't be long and you will hardly even know they are there. Welcome back to the US and way to go on the weight loss. You are doing wonderfully! Just eat a little every few hours, drink lots of fluids and you won't even notice bandster inferno. :)

  2. Glad you are back and I'm sure mushies are heaven. I'm on full liquids right now and while I don't have a huge appetite, I am tired of liquids. Good luck on your journey.

  3. My belly looked similar and it worried me as well! I'm glad to hear you back in the States and doing well!

    A loss is a loss! You might have a little rebound, but nothing too bad :)

  4. Wow, well at least I know what I'm in for. Congrats on the loss. I knew you would do well. Congrats again.

  5. Yeah, I had a similar looking tummy. Not too much bandster hell to speak of for me. I guess I was lucky.

  6. That looks ouchie! Mine looked less...ouchie? Hope you're feeling better!